Modern Mint Child’s Bedroom

Our daughter’s has a bump out to create an interesting shape behind her bed, she has three tall windows, hardwood floors, and the largest bedroom closet in the house. She gets this awesome larger bedroom because she needs the space for her play area and since she grows like crazy, all of her clothes. The master bedroom might not have a closet but we have a romantic outdoor balcony to make up for it.

When we moved in, her bedroom, I believe, was the prior owner’s master bedroom. It was painted a saturated medium blue. As a master bedroom, that color may have been fine. As a little girl’s room? Eh. We decided a bit lighter and brighter would be best for our little ray of light (the meaning of her name!)



This kid is so lucky. She has a really fun “bear cave” behind her dresser full of blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals the size of adults. We can fit back there with her too, which can be fun but quite cramped.

In order for me to get the dresser to fit under there, I had to lift the bed over it. That was…. an adventure so to speak.

Bed: Ikea Kura Reversible Bed

Dresser: South Shore Dresser in White

Rug: Ikea Lappjung Ruta

Book Cart: Ikea Raskog cart in blue

Doll house: PlanToys Green Doll House

Upholstered Chair: Harmony Kids Rocker

Paint: Valspar by Lowes. Color: Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue 5007-9A




9 thoughts on “Modern Mint Child’s Bedroom

  1. Angie

    I’ve been looking to do this for my daughter’s room. What dressers did you use?

      1. Angie

        Thank you! At least it will give me a reference for what would work.

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